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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Bad News; 2 weeks ago my crayfish escaped and died.
Good News; 4 days ago a couple mayflies in my aquarium went from larvae to adults. I also got an albino aenus corydora. I think it's a male. Yesterday, I got a female guppy. I am also graveling my tank. I currently have 4 zebra danios. I am also raising a tadpole. Today a friend of mine gave me a ten gallon aquarium, and I put the tad in that. The 2.5 gallon aquarium Bruce lived in now has a male betta my sister owns. She named him smelly.
I will start a new blog on fish poems. Send in your poems on fish now, this is a monthly contest. Your poem will be up on the blog if good enough. Send poems to: