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Saturday, August 09, 2008

8/9/08, sorry...

Soo sorry I haven't been posting, very busy lately, , well, last night, the last of the bettas I spawned a year ago died. Her name was Wanda. Her mother, Smelly, is still OK though. Wanda had a severe gill deformity, and it is amazing she lived as long as she did. Well, my current stocking:

10 gallon 1 (my  first)
3 Harlequin Rasboras
1 Female gold morph ramirezi cichlid

10 gallon 2 (my second)
3 Polka dot loaches (Botia kubotai)

10 gallon 3
I got this one from Deb Oswarek a couple months ago, and it is now cycling

Now, on a more pleasant note, I bought an aquarium second-hand for around 10 dollars (US) and it is either a twenty gallon long or a regular 30 gallon.
My female ram(irezi) is keeps coming up to bite my fingers, expecting food! I actually hand feed her. While this is safe (she's small enough to live in ten gallons!!) sometimes she keeps biting even when there is no food. She has become very expecting, though, she gets so paranoid about feeding that if I sit by the tank a few minutes and don't feed her, she starts to push the rasboras around! Unfortunately for the Corydora who used to live there, the heater went crazy and held itself on all one sad night.
My three polka dot loaches are shy little things, I named them Wacko (he hides in hair algae when startled) Jacko, the least shy, and Dot, who only comes out occasionally.

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