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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I cannot believe I have not been here. Here is an update: My guppies died out, one by one, the last to dropsy. I found out how aggresive my betta is, who was moved to a fish bowl, later in September to a Mini-Bow 2.5 aquarium kit thanks to a friend of mine who breeds guppies. In my main tank, there are lots of danios and snails. (mostly snails, around 90). The container Bruce used to live in now holds algae. And snails. I had three danios, then the population went to seven when that friend give me four orange and pink danios. The glass is covered in deposits. Two danios died. One of my danios is skinny. I hope his skinniness is not like the other danio that died. I hope to get a glass shrimp. If I go saltwater for total beginners, the common prawn for me.